10 Ideas That Create A Great Impression

10 Ideas That Create A Great Impression

10 Ideas That Will Create A Great First Impression On New Members

  1. Train your public contact staff on the broader cooperative movement and require completion of a test to prove that knowledge was transferred.
  1. Prepare 30-second answers to frequently asked questions; train all public contact staff on delivering them with enthusiasm.
  1. Document your member buying process for financial services and align your marketing messages accordingly.
  1. Provide members with information that includes how their membership translates into dollar savings.
  1. Tie member recruitment to local fund drive (as a member you help support this local cause).
  1. Provide new members with something tangible and symbolic at the time of joining such as the owner guide, membership card, coupons or a small gift.
  1. Provide an owner’s guide for new members. Include bylaws, financials, ownership information, organizational information, board member biographies. Recommend they keep it to refer to later.
  1. Follow up with a letter or phone call a week or so after joining to answer any questions and help them feel welcome.
  1. Hold new member orientation meetings and encourage attendance. Send a letter or postcard to invite. Give a gift to those who attend.
  1. At orientation, include your history, structure, tours, and history video or personal message from the ceo or board chair.

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