Testimonials From Colleagues

Testimonials From Colleagues

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Neil Goldman
Paradigm-shifting management consultant and speaker; Leadership catalyst; market research expert

I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Lytle on numerous projects over the past decade. Kevin is that unique professional who can comfortably connect with — and earn the respect of — the C-suite, analysts, creative types, suppliers, clients, and staff at all levels. He is both a creative and data-driven thinker, and able to conceptualize and visualize outcomes and different scenarios. In conducting research for Kevin, he positively challenged and inspired our firm to stretch, learn and improve. A consummate professional, Kevin would be an asset to nearly any team.less

Neil was a consultant or contractor to Kevin at Western Bridge Corporate FCU

Brenda Clevidence
Analytical Strategy and Consumer Behavior

As a consultant in the area of strategic analysis I have had the opportunity to work with Kevin on several occasions over the last 8 years. I am impressed by Kevin for his willingness and desire to use data and analytics to find better solutions and optimize business decisions. I believe he is a thoughtful strategist and has a willingness to explore new ideas to improve business. His curiosity and desire to improve (himself and his business) is refreshing in today’s business climate.
Personally, I have found Kevin a gracious client that treats all around him with kindness and professionalism. I would highly recommend Kevin to any organization seeking a strong thinker and strategist that can serve as a personal and professional mentor to others.less

Brenda was a consultant or contractor to Kevin at Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and Western Bridge Corporate FCU

James Burbott
Of Counsel at Moore, Brewer, Wolfe, Jones, Tyler & North

As General Counsel at WesCorp/Western Bridge, I worked with Kevin on all variety of product development and marketing initiatives, as well as member communication and public relation projects for almost a decade. Kevin is a consummate executive in these fields. His subject-matter acuity, diplomacy, integrity and common sense always impressed me greatly. He is a superb communicator when presenting to all manner of audiences. If I was in the market for an employee in his disciplines he would be my first and automatic choice.less

James managed Kevin indirectly at Western Bridge Corporate FCU

Ludwina Ossa – MBA, PMP
VP, Senior Product Manager at Manufacturers Bank

Kevin is a conscientious, diligent professional and is a genuine pleasure to work with. His knowledge and experience in the financial services industry equips him to manage his team and collaborate with partner business units effectively and with a committed sense of common purpose. He also has a great sense of character and personal charisma that allows him to quickly build personal rapport.less

Ludwina worked indirectly for Kevin at Western Bridge Corporate FCU