CHS Tells The Cooperative Story

CHS Tells The Cooperative Story

CHS is a diversified farmer-owned Fortune 100 company that employs more than 12,500 people in 25 countries. In addition to being a successful agriculture and energy company, it is also one of the largest cooperatives in the world.

For fiscal 2016, CHS revenues were $30.3 billion and earnings were $424.2 million. CHS expects to return $337 million in direct economic value to its owners in the form of cash patronage, equity redemptions and preferred stock dividends.

CHS recently released a very impressive array of marketing tools for its members to raise awareness among consumers for the positive benefits of cooperatives in the local economy.

The marketing tools include high quality social media and member engagement posts, newspaper print ads, newsletter articles, radio scripts, billboard copy, email header banners, and website banners. Here is a link to the CHS web page The Co-op Story to access these marketing tools.

These tools focus on themes that resonate with those who care about farming and cooperatives including;

  • As long as you have a local co-op, you never farm alone.
  • The connection to your co-op. As important as your connection to the land.
  • The spirit of cooperation is always growing stronger.
  • When farmers band together, big things happen.
  • Out here, three things remain constant: the land, the family that farms it and the local co-op that helps keep it profitable.

In addition, CHS supports the concept of members as owners and the impact the co-operative has on the local economy with the following copy.

Check out this video Local cooperative economy. It was created in correlation with the 2016 Ernst & Young Economic Impact study. The video showcases the integral part member co-ops play within the CHS cooperative system and overarching global economy. Here is another video you will like

CHS is offering these marketing resources free of charge for its members to incorporate as part of their marketing strategies.

I believe these shared resources are critical to promote a consistent message to consumers and raise awareness for cooperatives.

Do you know any cooperative website addresses containing free materials available to members in other cooperative sectors such as food, credit union, housing, purchasing, healthcare, worker, or insurance? I would love to post the addresses on my website

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